Month: November 2011

Global Property View

Canada, Belgium, Sweden – What do they have in common? The Economist has just updated their interactive tool tracking property values on a global scale. The update includes fresh data from the 3rd quarter of 2011. One can visually see … Read the rest

Home insurance on the way up

Blame the weather… It’s not because the insurance companies are getting greedy. It is the climate change to blame. According to Michael Tremblay, director of research with the Insurance Bureau, severe-storm-related water damage now comprises 44% of claims compared to… Read the rest

Consumer behaviour: Postpone…

. . . the purchase and you will enjoy it more Really? Finally, there is a case when procrastination is a good thing. At least that’s what psychologists are saying: You know that feeling you get when you’re dreading giving… Read the rest

60% down compare to 2007

Best time for bargain hunters The American association of Realtors reported today that sales are up, home prices still down about 5% compare to last year, but inventories are declining too. Some call it “a hopeful sign”. Negative news, though,… Read the rest

Why using a mortgage broker?

Globe and Mail published an article last Thursday on the benefits of using a mortgage broker. Financing a home has many aspects, but the customer would always be better off dealing with a broker vs walking into the local bank… Read the rest

What do you drive?

It is not Honda, not even Toyota… When it comes to wheels the conversation will always veer towards the longevity and quality of Japanese cars. Toyota and Honda would be mentioned first, but recently a couple of Korean makes will… Read the rest