Consumer behaviour: Postpone…

. . . the purchase and you will enjoy it more

Really? Finally, there is a case when procrastination is a good thing. At least that’s what psychologists are saying:

You know that feeling you get when you’re dreading giving a public talk or going to the dentist? That is the negative power of anticipation, but it also works the other way. We get enormous amounts of pleasure from looking forward to good things in the future.

This is part of the reason why our modern consumer society of ‘buy now and pay later’ robs us of pleasure. Part of the fun of purchasing both objects and experiences is in their anticipation. Waiting for good things to come is fun.

The idea here is that when we want something, the mind records it as a goal to achieve and if it is perceived to be a good thing, we enjoy the time while waiting this good thing to happen. Once the goal is complete (we got it), the mind puts a check mark and forgets about it. No goal, no anticipation, no pleasure.

Another advantage of not buying right away is perhaps the chance of making a better choice (you would have plenty of time to research and find exactly what you want) and also – avoiding compulsive buying.

Interesting. I wonder how would you apply this advice during the time of Christmas buying frenzy?

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