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New project: Home shoppers start here

Home buyers can’t complain about lack of information. has thousands of listings, real estate agents promote properties for sale on their websites, the local newspaper and free brochures are flooded with ads.

And this exactly is the problem – home buyers would be easily drowned in a sea of similar listings, without knowing what is really going on in the market. Are prices going up, or down? Which are the expensive areas in a city and where one can find bargains?

With that in mind, I am starting a pilot project called “Neighbourhoods”.  The idea is to reduce the available information to few numbers, which will give readers a quick snapshot of the neighbourhood. As a beginning I will take a single neighbourhood in Ottawa, which is very popular among shoppers for single family home, and will take a snapshot in the middle of every month. Hopefully, over time, some trends will start to appear and perhaps they may become an indication of what to expect in other areas of the city.

If this project is successful, other neighbourhoods will be added.

Next time in the spotlight: Barrhaven.

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