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Booming Real Estate – Are You Scared?

There is no end to the rising Canadian real estate market. Everything seems to be in a “booming mode”. On the other side, the reality seems to point to a different picture. Builders are confident. Statistics Canada says Canadian municipalities… Read the rest

Condos – higher risk to lenders

Condos are fashionable, in demand, and builders seems to prefer them too. Younger couples, single professionals and retirees – they all see condos as convenient and desirable accommodation. But let’s not fool ourselves – condos are not the perfect real… Read the rest

Do you dare to bid?

Real estate bargains on eBay Once eBay was a novelty. People used to called it an online flee market or an electronic garage sale. They were suspicious of scams, but eBay has since matured into a very serious business market… Read the rest