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Are you buying a “box in the air”?

Condo fees = unpredictable expenses They are popular, actually – very popular. In some markets condos fly off the shelf very quickly.  It looks like in big urban centers like Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa condos have been extremely popular during… Read the rest

Twine + Tweet = Smart home

It is not only smart phones and sleek tablets that are conquering our technology craving minds. Traditionally boring appliances like the fridge, the washer or the stove are also getting a boost from digital innovations. I wrote earlier this year… Read the rest

Smart appliances: Not only a fridge…

  … but a fridge that tweets Green or energy efficient appliances are not novelty anymore, however, evolving new technologies and the changing demands from consumers are pushing completely new type of appliances to the front line. They don’t just… Read the rest