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Poor with confidence

Money buys everything. Including confidence and self-esteem. We see this everywhere – in the movies, in your workplace, in our neighbourhood. The more you have, the more confident you are that no matter what life trows at you, you can… Read the rest

Bidding wars: Yes or No?

NO We are getting into that time of the year when activity in the real estate market can get a bit feverish. Some people would offer $10,000 more to the same home they saw in January if they see it… Read the rest

Consumer behaviour: Postpone…

. . . the purchase and you will enjoy it more Really? Finally, there is a case when procrastination is a good thing. At least that’s what psychologists are saying: You know that feeling you get when you’re dreading giving… Read the rest

What do you drive?

It is not Honda, not even Toyota… When it comes to wheels the conversation will always veer towards the longevity and quality of Japanese cars. Toyota and Honda would be mentioned first, but recently a couple of Korean makes will… Read the rest