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1/3 of Vancouver belongs to China?

“No way” would be a first reaction. However, Peter Routledge, a financial analyst at National Bank of Canada has made some calculations based on deriving “inferences or hypotheses” and has found that Chinese buyers were responsible for a third of… Read the rest

Sell Canada, Buy Japan

Everyone is an expert these days. Just mention “housing” and you will hear all kinds of forecasts and wild prognosis. It will go up, it will go down, it will stay flat… You will hear countless of variations. There are,… Read the rest

Turning up the screws

Banks to home buyers: “Show me the money” They call it “streamlining”, “modifying the guidelines” or “product enhancement”, but it means only one thing – unless you are the perfect borrower don’t bother applying for a mortgage. The last few… Read the rest

How’s the Market?

The most common question in the history of real estate. Everyone wants to know, so I’ll tell you…It’s great! As great as you want it to be that is… Being an investor or any type of home buyer takes patience… Read the rest


It’s nice to see that Moe McIlwain, our new contributor, was featured in the Globe & Mail, here. The small piece presents Mr. McIlwain’s  investment philosophy – a combination of stock portfolio and real estate investments. Read his original blog… Read the rest